Your futurerewards



Twitch beanie + £20 Amazon voucher



Twitch Snood & Twitch metal tumbler + £20 Amazon Voucher & ring light



Twitch Backpack + Twitch snood + £35 Amazon voucher + Amazon Fire TV Cube



Twitch Beanie, Twitch backpack + Twitch water bottle + Sonos One + £50 Amazon voucher



Twitch Beanie, Twitch duffle bag, Twitch metal tumbler + Twitch water bottle + Oculus Quest 2 + PC compatible cable + £50 Amazon voucher


The SUBchallenge will run from 11th April 00:01 GMT until 24th April 23:59 GMT and we are rewarding all Partners who can raise at least 250 subs (including gifted subs) in this time.

Raise as many subs as you can from 11th April 00:01 GMT until 24th April 23:59 GMT. In order to win you have to hit the specified subs in the ‘earn rewards’ section above.

Once you have registered for the SUBchallenge we will send you an email confirming your entry. Don’t hang about, there is only space for 150 and we expect this to fill up quickly!

Yes! Sign ups are open now until 10th April but we expect registrations to fill up beforehand. Sign up now to avoid disappointment.

This is really up to you! You can stream as many times as you like, promote to your viewers, let people know about the challenge. All subs, including gifted subs will be counted. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Sign up, raise subs, get rewards. You’ve got this. Specific rewards are listed above in the ‘earn rewards’ section.

Please see the ‘earn rewards’ section above for specific rewards you can win depending on how many subs you gain. Rewards are a mix of exclusive Twitch merchandise and amazing tech items.

No, you will receive the reward for the reward tier you sit in. For example, if you raise 2200 subs you will receive: Twitch Backpack, Twitch snood, £35 Amazon voucher & Amazon Fire TV Cube. But you will not receive the Twitch beanie from the lower tier you have surpassed.

We will aim to get this to you as quickly as possible. Rewards will be sent out at the end of May. Rewards can take up to 45 days to arrive although it’s likely to be sooner!

Rewards are set depending on the number of subs you gain within the given time period. Rewards are non-exchangeable, non-transferrable, and a cash alternative will not be offered.

We will try our best to get you the rewards we have listed above. If any rewards are not available due to stock issues beyond our control we will offer you an alternative reward of the same value or higher.

The first 150 Partners are able to sign up. We expect it to fill up quickly so sign up now!

Unfortunately, this SUBchallenge is only running in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany for now. If you are from one of these other countries please go back to our landing page and sign up for the SUBchallenge in your country.

If you are from another country outside of these five, unfortunately the SUBchallenge hasn’t reached you yet, but watch this space!

We cannot send rewards to countries outside of the five listed. If you are based in another country you will not be able to sign up for this challenge or receive rewards for this challenge.

This is the first international challenge of its kind on Twitch. If you like it, we’ll look into including more people and rewards in the future.

Of course! Here is a step-by-step process of exactly what you need to do:

Sign up now.

Check your emails for registration confirmation and more information about when the challenge starts.

Get ready for launch! Prep your viewers and get creative with your content for those 14 days.

Launch day – 11th April 00:01 GMT. It’s go time! Start streaming your heart out and try to get your subs up as much as you can. Set Creator Goals or use any other tactics you can think of.

11th April – 24th April – challenge time! Let your creativity run wild and raise your sub count as much as you can.

End of challenge – time to check your emails again… We will confirm via email which tier you have achieved and which rewards you have earned for yourself.

Rewards – we will get your rewards to you as soon as possible.

And that’s it! Sign up, get subs, get rewards. You’ve got this.